Cornucopia and Uncle Billy’s Bakery, in downtown Galesburg, Illinois, bring a wide variety of local, natural and organic foods for people of all preferences, diets, and backgrounds to central Illinois. We take pride in providing the specialized and delicious groceries, baked goods, deli items, supplements and more that you might be looking for.

We welcome phone and email orders, so if you can’t come in to the store, just call or send a message with what you need and we’ll make it happen.

As for our bakery, we are happy to send our cookies, breads and more all around the country, so feel free to call or write!

We spend most of our time making and seeking out the best food and natural products we can, so there may not be too many posts here and on other sites, but please do follow us online:

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    • We have artisan and loaf breads. Whole grain and sourdough breads. The price range is between $3.29 to $5.99. Our signature bread is the Spinach Bread which comes in two sizes.
      Thank you for your interest. We hope to see you.

  1. Yes they do. I have purchased both recently. There is a lactation support capsule or you can get just plain fenugreek and they do have the tea.

  2. I am looking for the sugar substitute coconut palm sugar. Do you have it? If not could u get it. Thanks. Jean Jacobs Galesburg

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